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The Global Leader in Video Collaboration :

Better Communication & Automation Ltd. is changing the way people connect. We have moved the business model for video conferencing beyond expensive legacy hardware and dedicated networks to provide a powerful, flexible and scalable software-based solution that is also affordable. Easy to use and manage, Better Communication & Automation Ltd. technology innovations put HD-quality, multipoint video communications within reach of anyone using any device, anywhere. All that’s needed is an Internet, LTE or 4G connection to join in a lifelike and truly collaborative meeting experience. Today, Better Communication & Automation Ltd. solutions power new workflow applications that close information gaps and boost productivity in industries such as banking, education, government, healthcare, and high tech.

How It Works

Video conferencing made easy

Don’t believe what you’ve heard about video conferencing being an expensive, complex system for only huge companies with massive IT departments. Using Better Communication & Automation Ltd. , you get simple solutions for one-touch video calls that connect your conference room to the world. Watch our videos and see how video conferencing works.

That’s the connected experience, and here’s how it works.

How you connect to a video conference

For many developers, software architecture and design are overlooked, which might hinder the application’s performance and development velocity. Other projects may suffer from big design up front, which can cause unnecessary complexity and delay feedback that would otherwise come organically during implementation.

We have a pragmatic approach to architecture and design issues. We pinpoint the most important areas that it's worth investing upfront time, and prioritize others afterwards, where the design comes only after more important development iterations are finished.

There are three main types of video conference solutions for businesses: point-to-point, multipoint and streaming. Better Communication & Automation Ltd. solutions enable the best of all three—automatically, without your needing to configure anything.

Point-to-point (sometimes referred to as single call) is a direct connection between two locations. It’s like a telephone call, just with video.

Multipoint lets three or more people or locations take part in the same video conference. Multiple parties can meet through HD video in a meeting room, from a desktop at work, from a home computer, or even over a smart phone or tablet when on the road.

Streaming connects your video conference to others who may choose to view the meeting on a remote computer or mobile device using software instead of hardware. You can even access the video conference at a later time via a web browser.

Better Communication & Automation Ltd. makes everything simple

Better Communication & Automation Ltd. is the only video conferencing solution that has eliminated complicated hardware from its conference-room video experience. Other than our video endpoints, the entire Better Communication & Automation Ltd. solution is built on software. So whether you’re taking your video conferencing to our cloud or building your own private cloud with a Better Communication & Automation Ltd. On-Premise solution, you’ll never need to worry about hardware issues interfering with your video conferencing.

Know the terminology

Like every breakthrough technology, video conferencing has a bit of its own language. It’s a hybrid of networking, video, audio, and more. Here are some of the most commonly used words and phrases in the world of how video conferencing works:

1080p/30: 1920 x 1080 pixels at 30 frames per second. This is the resolution for Full High Definition.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): A term to explain when people use their own technology (i.e., laptops, Smart phones and/or tablets) for work purposes instead of a company-owned device.

Codec: The compression/decompression engine of a video system.

Endpoint: A video conferencing device.

VC: A shorthand form of “video conferencing.”

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