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PABX Phone Systems–Services & Reviews

If you’ve ever called a major business you’ve likely listened to a menu and selected options to talk to the right person.That’s a PBX phone system and it’s a great way to avoid putting customers on hold as they travel to the right person within your organization.

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange and it is a private telephone network that companies use internally. A PBX allows you to have a wide range of extensions, greetings, and settings to direct customer calls appropriately. They have removed the need for a secretary to answer every call, allowing your front desk to greet those who come in to your store. The virtual systems we’re looking at are VoIP platforms, also called IP PBX, that use Internet connections to run your phone. This means you typically don’t need a landline phone in your office since all of your calls are transmitted through your Internet connection. You’ll find that to be a great savings when you can add new phone numbers but don’t need to run new phone lines.

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